Graduation DateResident Church
June 201812Stone Church
AudienceSkill SetFocus
All Speaking, Coaching, Team Building, Project Management, Creative IdeationCommunication, Associate Pastor, Spiritual Formation

About Zach

My personal mission is to illuminate, inspire, and involve the Church in passionate love for Jesus and His world.  By maximizing missional clarity and fostering organizational health, I seek to create sustainable momentum in church outreach and maturity.

 Utilizing my strategic and leadership gifting, I develop teams of people to achieve challenging mission goals.  Compelling staff cultures are wrought, not happened upon.  A healthy staff is the key that unlocks organizational potential. 

 I put a premium on evangelism.  While discipleship is assumed, it is not automatic.  Helping those far from God come to their senses is the exact work of discipleship—they are mutually dependent.  Involving the church in her missional vocation is my deep passion.

 My primary ministry experience has been in age, racial, and socio-economically diverse communities.  

Education History

Master of Arts in Practical Theology: Indiana Wesleyan University. Research Agenda: Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Willie Jennings, and the Necessity of Multi-Cultural Communities for Spiritual Formation.

Bachelor of Arts in Theology and Philosophy: Indiana Wesleyan University. Non-Thesis Research Agenda: Christological Foundations of Theological Anthropology (Karl Barth, J. Kameron Carter, and Robert Jenson).

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