Graduation DateResident Church
June 201912Stone Church
AudienceSkill SetFocus
Students, AdultsWorship, Speaking, Production, Mentoring, Team Building, Project Management, Creative IdeationWorship Pastor, Spiritual Formation

About Zach

I have many different hobbies and interests that fill my time. I love being outdoors, playing sports, reading, and writing songs. My greatest passion is pouring into and discipling people around me. Music has always been a big part of my life and I believe it is the best avenue in which I can disciple people and see them grow in their relationship with Christ. I love seeing people grow in their ability to discern the voice of God and obey Him when He speaks.

Education History

My education happened in New Brunswick, Canada at a school called Kingswood University. I finished with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Ministry and and Associates in Praxis. Praxis is a two year program at Kingswood where a group of people go out every week to practice what they learn in the classroom. We would go to prisons, homeless shelters, and do street ministry most of the time. This program taught the students to grow in obedience and to be bold in their faith.

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