Why It Exists

This site exists to serve three different groups of people

  • college students interested in becoming a resident
  • churches looking to hire a pastor from the residency
  • churches interested in partnering with us to raise up the next generation of church leaders

At 12Stone Church, we believe that the local church is responsible to develop next generation of church leaders and it is also the best place to do this. The Residency Program exists to train emerging leaders, send them out for a lifetime of high impact ministry. Our Residency Church Partnerships exists to resource and coach like minded churches.

The Hiring Process

Residents begin looking for employment 6 months before the end of their residency.

At that time, they are our “Featured Residents” and are available for interviews as you are interested. To find a resident with a specific skill set or to hire for a distinct need in your church, use the categories at the top of the Residents Page to narrow your search.

If you would like to contact a specific resident in regarding to hiring, use the contact form at the bottom of that resident’s profile page. Each of our residents are individually trained and developed by 12Stone or a partner church devoted to train the next generation of church leaders.