12Stone Church Residency Application


  • Clear calling into vocational ministry
  • Graduation from College
  • Chemistry with 12Stone philosophy and staff culture
  • Some ministry experience
  • Clear ministry competence and leadership potential
  • Successful completion of application process


Before clicking below, please read the application process below. A Residency Questionnaire needs to be downloaded and completed before starting the online application.

Application Process

  • Prepare Residency Questionnaire

    A Residency Questionnaire takes a while to complete and is required with the online application. Please download it here first and complete it before starting the online application below.

  • Submit Online Application

    Form is on the bottom of this page.

  • Interview Process

    Meet with your residency program pastor in person or by phone.

  • References

    Provide 3 References

  • Background Check

    A background check is performed on the applicant.

  • Invitation

    Church officially invites applicant to residency program.