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How do we become a Partner Church?

If you are interested in partnering with us to raise up the next generation of church leaders, please let us know!

Click here for details and application

How do I become a resident?

Qualifications and the application process can be found here.

How do I know if I should be a resident?

If you are post college and you are called to be a pastor then the residency is for you!

How many hours do residents work?

The residency is a 29 hour a week commitment.

How much do residents make?

12Stone residents make $500 a month.  This is a stipend and most residents have other part-time jobs.

Resident Housing

What are the benefits of hosting a 12Stone resident?

You will have the opportunity to practice hospitality, serve the next generation of leaders and build relationships with really cool people (the residents and other host homes)

How long would the resident live with us?

The residency lasts 2 years and most stay with their host home the entire residency. Knowing that circumstances can change in families, we ask that you initially commit to at least one year.

What are the expectations of a host home?

As a host home, you would provide a room and dedicated bathroom for the resident. The ideal situations are basement or upstairs bonus rooms or rooms that are located in a separate part of the main floor from the primary bedrooms. Every home is different. As part of the process, we’ll have a home visit to mutually discuss what might work for your floor plan.

Do I have to cook meals for the resident?

Absolutely not required! Providing food is not a requirement of the host homes. We do find that many host homes like to include their resident for one or more meals a week as relationship building time. This is something that each family navigates with their resident, once assigned, based on your family’s and the resident’s schedules and preferences.

Would I be able to request a female or male?

Absolutely. We work hard to ensure that the resident is a good fit with both your request as well as the home environment.

Do I have to provide transportation for the resident?

No. Each resident is required to have their own car.

What do I do if I have questions while the resident lives with me?

A network of host home families meet quarterly to enjoy sharing stories and tips for living well with a 12Stone resident. In addition, Joel and Sharon Epps, [who’ve hosted 5 residents] volunteer as host home coordinators and are available to answer any questions and problem solve any issues that may arise.