Graduation DateResident Church
August 2018Brentwood Church
AudienceSkill SetFocus
All Worship, Speaking, Creative Ideation, MentoringYouth Pastor, Spiritual Formation

About Daniel

My name is Daniel Davis and I am a true Carolina boy thru and thru. I was born on the coast of northeastern North Carolina in the small town of Elizabeth City but because of my adoption, Raleigh has been called home since 3 months of age. Along with that process, my awesome parents not only took on the challenges of adopting me but also my twin sister. When ever I reflect on this milestone in my life I can only see the Lord’s love and grace through it all; therefore, I must live my life for Him.

Education History

I was blessed to attend a private Christian school from the time I was in daycare till I graduated high school. From then, I continued and completed my education at Liberty University.

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