Residency Progress
Graduation DateResident Church
June 2015Brentwood Church
AudienceSkill SetFocus
StudentsSpeaker, Mentoring, Creative Ideation, OrganizationYouth Pastor

About Matt

Matt and his wife, Victoria, live in Lynchburg, VA. Matt moved to Virginia from Florida in order to attend Liberty University in 2009 and has since then worked full-time for the University while completing his degree. He has been active and involved in serving Brentwood Church since the spring of 2010. After growing closer to the student pastor and sharing his heart for ministry, he was asked to join 12Stone’s Residency partnership, which began in June of 2013. Matt has a passion for students, but mostly for the local church and to see it have a greater impact in the community. Since beginning his residency Matt has taken on many roles, such as creating, preparing and teaching Wednesday night curriculum, planning and executing high level student ministry programming, leading volunteers, and leading as a Host Pastor on Sunday mornings.

Education History

Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
Degree: Religion
Graduation Date: October, 2014


Contact Matt

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