Residency Progress
Graduation DateResident Church
June 201612Stone Church
AudienceSkill SetFocus
Students, AdultsSpeaker, Mentoring, OrganizationYouth Pastor, Associate Pastor, Senior Pastor

About Stephen

My name is Stephen Francis. I was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. I am a graduate of Liberty University with a bacholers in Biblical Studies and a Masters in Theological Studies. I am someone who is passionate about preaching and teaching the Gospel to church and unbelievers. I like being somene who unites people of different backgrounds together. I am passionate about making the church we live in today a place that like heaven will be (Revelation 5:9).

Education History

I am a graduate of Liberty University with a bachelors in Biblical studies and minor in sociology. I also graduated Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary with a Masters in Biblical Studies.


Contact Stephen

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