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About Rachel

In 2013 I was accepted into a church internship in Florida focusing on character, clarity, and calling for one’s life. This internship led to accepting a job at the church for web design, app management, and graphic design. May of 2018, I received a degree in Graphic Design from Northwest Florida State College.

It was during this season at the church that my call to student ministry began to form, but I was unsure exactly what it would look like.When I moved back to Georgia in 2018, started volunteering with the middle, high school, and college ministry where I served faithfully for nearly two years. In June of 2019 God gave me a clear call to be a student pastor.

Passion to support, enable, and inspire the next generation to feel seen and heard fuels my calling. When a student feels seen, it increases their value and realization that they matter to Christ, and when they are heard, they are empowered to share the love of Jesus.I Believe the gospel is multiplied as more walk in the truth that their Heavenly Father loves and cares about them, and it is life transforming as they embrace the knowledge that they have a specific purpose and definite reason for being on this Earth.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have and I would love to talk further. You may contact me by clicking the link below!

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