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Alex Brooks

Spiritual Formation

Hey! I’m Alex, a spiritual formation resident at 12Stone. I hold a B.S. in Business Project Management from Liberty University. Currently, I am pursuing a masters in Christian Ministry through Wesley Seminary.

I’ve never doubted that there is a God, but I did doubt God’s call on my life. When I accepted Christ at a young age, I often told my parents I would one day be a pastor. My heritage is rich in His grace as I am a byproduct of the previous generation’s faithfulness. Growing up in a Christian household and being actively involved in church has been my foundation. However, in my teen years, I decided to pursue other interests. It wasn’t until my sophomore year of college, a season of personal growth, that I became fully devoted to Christ. In addition, the sudden loss and pain of losing my grandparents, my heroes in the faith, compelled me to look beyond just serving myself – God invited me to look at the bigger picture of life. As my devotion to Christ grew, God reignited my passions to serve Him and His Church in full-time ministry. So, I stopped running, surrendered my all, and here I am as a resident!