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Holly Janco

From an early age, I knew that God called me to work with children, but for much of my life, I thought that God was calling me to teach in an elementary school. This perceived calling encouraged me to pursue elementary education as my undergrad. Through that program, I learned that God had only called me to a season of teaching in the public school system. He redirected my calling when I realized I cared more about the students’ souls then their education. While their education is important, their eternity is on the line. After graduation, I committed to join the residency program at 12Stone and use my experience as an elementary school teacher to pastor and disciple children.

I accepted Jesus at a young age, and my prayer is for kids to develop a deeply personal relationship with their creator at a young age as well. In an ever-growing independent world, my heart is for children to know God and grow their dependence on Him. My hope is for kids to build their life on a firm foundation centered on Jesus, and my responsibility is to prepare an environment for kids to flourish in their faith.

Currently, I am serving as a Kids Resident at our Braselton Campus, and I’m working towards a master’s in Ministry through Indiana Wesleyan University. I am both humbled and excited to gain a deeper understanding of how to guide children, volunteers, and families on their faith journey.