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Justice Ogbe

College Ministry

Growing up I always wanted to be a lawyer. It was a goal of mine to advocate for other people who desperately needed help. Once I confessed that Jesus Christ was my Lord and savior at a collegiate conference in 2019 my outlook on helping people started to change. Once Covid hit I transferred from Augusta university to the University of Georgia. It was so important for me to succeed in academics so I could attend law school. During this time Jesus was placing me into small ministry positions such as campus ministry leadership teams and church internships. That’s when I got small hints here and there that I was called to ministry and not law.

In 2022, my second semester of Senior year, I was posed with a life changing question: “Why do you not want to be the worship leader for summer camp?” This is when the Holy spirit intervened and revealed an answer I had known ever since I said yes to Jesus. The answer immediately was “I don’t want to go closer to my calling.” Meaning I was scared to walk on the narrow road God was calling me to. It was specific and it was for me. A month later I took the worship leading position for that camp and started walking the path God paved for me.

Currently I am serving as the C12 (College and young adults ministry) resident at 12stone church along with getting my master in arts with a concentration in leadership at Indiana Wesleyan University. This opportunity has allowed me to grow not only in ministry but also in my walk with God. If there is anything else about my journey you would like to hear about, feel free to reach out!