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Kylee Lisk

Spiritual Formation

Since knowing Jesus, the innate desire to build people up into their relationship with him has always burned in my heart. I felt the call to full time ministry in 7th grade. I unfortunately let fear deter me and entered into the work force.

It’s funny because being involved with 12Stone the last few years has done the same for me and has built me up into my own calling. At our first ever 7 nights of prayer I asked God if he would help me decipher the continuous tug on my heart toward ministry. He answered with 3 people calling it out in me that night. Just like how the Lord made a way for the Israelites and parted the Red Sea, he has done the same with me.

I am so thankful and expectant for my time in the residency. I am so excited for my time in spiritual formation at Jackson County. I get a front row seat to seeing a church built from the ground up and that’s really cool. My biggest prayer for the residency is that God would be glorified from whatever comes out of it. My hope is to be a Spiritual Formation Pastor and be able to equip the saints and live out the Great Commission down whatever path the Lord may lead.
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Exodus 14:14