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Simone Headd

Worship Ministry

Hi! I’m Simone, and my passion is to encourage others to experience the goodness of The Lord through a lifestyle of worship, on and off the platform.

From the ages of three to seventeen, I sang my heart out in the choir of a Black Baptist church in Detroit, but it wasn’t until college that I developed a personal relationship with God. I attended The University of Michigan with hopes of being on Broadway, but once God captivated my heart, my desire shifted from fame to being a faithful servant. With a BFA in Acting and a minor in Creative Writing, I graduated with a burning heart for the last, the least, and the lost to experience the living God. In addition to the 12Stone residency, I am currently pursuing a Master of Arts degree in Ministry Leadership from Wesley Seminary.

My upbringing in gospel music and my discovery of contemporary Christian music in college ignited a deep love for the scripture used to write so many of these songs. As a worship pastor, I aim to merge biblical literacy with a transformative worship response. During college, I co-founded Sûre Worship, an organization creating a safe space for encounters with God through song. This group caters to a diverse audience, ranging from skeptics to missionaries and pastors. I have also been privileged to lead worship with various churches and missional organizations, including Radiant Church Ann Arbor, Cru (formerly Campus Crusaders for Christ), Soul City Church, and Greater Christ Baptist Church.

I intend to continue serving in this capacity as long as I live. If you want to know more about me and my heart for ministry, please reach out!