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Ty Allison

Student Ministry

I’ve always known that God placed a call on my life to serve my church and bring others to Christ. I served as a Firefighter/EMT for several years, and I viewed the fire department as my mission field. My time at the fire department gave me a unique position to bring those far from Jesus into a close relationship with him through prayer, intentional conversation, and building relationships.

At the same time, I was serving at 12Stone with students, children, and adults. This is when the Lord began to develop an intense passion within me to guide the next generation into a closer relationship with Jesus. Over time, God made it abundantly clear to me that my role in ministry was not within the fire department, but within the local church. Currently, I serve as a student ministry resident at our Snellville campus. My heart is that each student who walks into the Snellville campus sees this ministry as another home in which they are known, loved, and cared for because of Jesus.

After the residency, my prayer is that I will continue to have the opportunity to pour into the lives of students and the local church. My passion is to guide the next generation toward building a lasting foundation in Jesus and a community of believers.

If you are interested and would like to connect with me, please contact me below!